How Planning a Trip with Friends Can Save You Tons of Money

How to Plan a Trip with Friends
Traveling can be a great way to build memories and save money.
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Going on Trips with Friends

Traveling with a group of friends can and will be a very fun and rewarding experience. Almost every trip I have ever been on has been with a group of friends or family. There were a couple trips I went on alone, but overall traveling with a group is the way to go.

Not only will you have a blast, you will all save a ton of money. I highly recommend this route to anyone looking to travel on a budget.

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Why Travel with a Group?

First and foremost, you will save money. That is, if you are looking to live a little better on your trip. You can always go the hostel route by yourself and really save, but depending on who you are and what you like, this may not be your favorite option.

I find that flights aren’t the most expensive part of traveling; it’s lodging and food. 

If you travel by yourself, you’ll be eating that whole hotel or Airbnb bill. However, if you can find one, maybe two people to go with you, that same Airbnb will now be split into two or three. This alone saves you hundreds. To add onto this, any group activities that you find cool, can now be more accessible. 

Another great benefit of traveling with a group is the memories you create. Yes, you can create memories no matter if you travel alone or with a group. I myself have created a ton of crazy memories when I would travel alone.

However, I would take traveling with a group 9 times out of ten. The key to this though, is having a group of people with similar interests that are down to all do cool things together. For example: if you love doing water sports and adventure, but the people you travel with love doing museums and more laid back relaxation, then you may struggle a bit. Although, you could always go separate ways once you arrive at your destination, but still split the hotel or Airbnb.


The final benefit I’ll note about traveling with friends, is that it is safer.

Exploring a new foreign country by yourself can be an amazing experience, and I’d recommend everyone to try it at least once. Just make sure to do your research. 

On the flip side, being with a group will give you the added benefit of security. The bad guys out there are much less likely to attack if you are in a group. Doesn’t mean they won’t, but your chances are better with a group.

Having people there with you to not only hold you accountable, but also watching your back should you guys go out and hit the town. There are a lot of weird people out there, and having friends that protect each other will go a long way.

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How Do You Keep Your Group Organized?

A big problem a lot of people experience when traveling with a group, or attempting to travel with a group rather, is that no one is organized and everything falls through. 

I feel like this is equal parts unreliable people and equal parts bad communication. I know we have all had those experiences where you or one of your friends brings up a crazy idea that gets you super excited and you’re like “We aren’t just saying this right, like, we are actually going to do it?” And your friend comes back with “We are actually going to do it,” but then you guys never do it. That’s because you fail to follow through with those plans.

Whether it be you stop trying to make it happen, or you just flat out stop talking about it; the bottom line is that it’s not happening.

So how do you prevent this from happening to you?

The easiest way is to establish a group chat specifically for the trip. That way, everyone can be fed the information and there won’t be any miscommunication. 

Our group always used group chats, and that’s how we shared ideas, hotels, flights, and everything else involved with our trips. It kept us engaged and focus on the target which was following through with an idea for a trip. We would always use Facebook Messenger for our group chats.

If someone wants out, they can just leave the group chat and be done, no harm no foul.

Travel with Friends

The other benefits of a group chat, is that there is almost constant communication. We were talking in there almost every day. Not just about traveling, but just talking in general or sharing memes. 

This made us a lot closer, and kept the conversations going. These conversations led to more ideas which led to more trips. Having that clear line of communication with like-minded people is key to proving successful in this venture. 

Outside of clear communication, is organization between everyone. What do I mean by this? Well, we found the most success by setting a set day to buy plane tickets or hotels or whatever else.

For example: For our trip to Budapest, we discussed when we wanted to go and finalized those dates. We then set a date that we would all buy those plane tickets. When that day came, we all met up, and one by one we bought the tickets. We did the same thing for the hotel, except only one of us booked it while the others paid their share in cash.

Having this kind of order made it so none of us would back out or ghost the others at the last second. Not that any of us would anyway, but I have heard stories of people booking their flights and everything just for the other friends to never answer. You may need new friends if this is the case.

Group Chat

And that brings me to my final point. You must have reliable friends. I got lucky being surrounded by a really solid group of friends, but I know a lot of people who have friends that have almost no drive, motivation, or follow through.

They will say they want to go, and get your hopes up, but when the time comes, they are nowhere to be found. And if they are found, some excuse came up.

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Is Traveling with a Group Worth It?

Bottom line: Yes.

Traveling with a group is an amazing way to create long lasting friendships and memories. With a good group, you are opened up to a whole new world of travel options and destinations. 

All that money you save from lodging costs can either be put into your next travel fund, spent on awesome activities, or just used to spoil yourself.

Dubai Desert

In Conclusion

A great group and proper planning and organization will take you a long way on your journey to see the world on a budget. Even if your friends are on the fence, try to start with small trips, maybe to some cities or national parks around where you live.

Either way, I hope you all can find the time and money to go on a well deserved trip!

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