Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone in 2019

Benefits of Traveling Alone
Traveling alone opens you up to a whole new world of experiences.
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What are the Benefits of Traveling Alone?

If you are wanting to travel, but don’t have anyone to go with, don’t put your plans on pause. Traveling alone is a route more and more people are taking. According to Hitwise, there was a 143% increase in searches for solo travel over the last three years.

It is becoming so popular because technology has made it so much easier. With maps on demand that tell us exactly where to go, and plenty of travel blogs out there that glorify how great traveling really is, it’s no surprise that there is such a rise in solo travel.

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Why Travel Alone?

1. It’s Easier

The less people that are involved with a trip, the easier it is. Bringing that number down to one total person going on the trip means that there is only one person making the decisions. No other opinions to consider or people to wait on. 

The biggest reason traveling with a group is so tough, is because it is hard to keep everyone on track and to have them actually follow through with the plans. Traveling alone eliminates all that headache.

2. You Have More Freedom

When you are on a trip, there is going to be a lot that you want to see, do, and experience. Being by yourself means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. When you travel with a group, you can still absolutely see everything you want. However, traveling alone gives you more control over the whole trip. 

For example, if one day you just want to read a book on the beach all day, you absolutely can without feeling pressured to do anything else. It’s quite relaxing, really.

Travel Safety Tips

3. There’s Less Drama

Traveling is one of the best ways to get to know someone. So if you are planning a trip with some people you don’t know very well, you run the risk creating friction which ignites the fire of drama. Even traveling with your closest friends, if you are into different things, or want to spend your vacation together doing different things, this could be the cause for some problems as well.

Traveling alone eliminates the probability of any of that happening. 

4. You Learn to Enjoy Your Own Company

This is the most important piece, at least for me personally. In my experience, and in this day and age especially, people are too caught up in what other people think about them, or they are too dependent on other people’s love and affection to really go out and enjoy their own life. 

Traveling alone creates that perfect environment where you really are completely alone. You rely on yourself for everything for the entire time you are away. You problem solve by yourself, eat by yourself, go to the movies by yourself, everything! You’d be surprised at how cool hanging out with yourself actually is!

How to Travel Alone

5. You Gain More Confidence

As I mentioned before, you will be on your own to solve any and all problems that arise while you are away. This was huge for me, as prior to traveling, whether it was with a group or alone, I was not a confident person at all. 

The combination of getting to know myself along with having to rely on myself to get myself out of tough situations led to me being more confident in my abilities. I took that confidence back with me to my personal life as well. 

My work performance increased, I was more confident to seek out new opportunities, and now I can’t get enough of traveling!

6. You Come out of Your Comfort Zone

Finding yourself in a completely new city, or in some cases, a completely new country is the definition of coming out of your comfort zone. Especially when you are doing it by yourself! See, a lot of people, myself included, are terrified of the whole coming out of the comfort zone thing. 

Just booking a trip alone is a huge step, but as the great Neale Donald Walsch saying goes, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone“. Truer words have never been spoken. Once you start getting out of that zone, you gain the confidence to keep pushing further out.

This experience alone is well worth whatever you spend on traveling.

Come Out of Comfort Zone

7. You Learn Better Problem Solving Skills

Since you have no one else to rely on, you’re in charge of making decisions. No matter how big or how small they might be, it’s completely in your control. So if things go bad, and you find yourself in a sticky situation, you learn about the various resources out there at your disposal that you didn’t know of before.

With Google and the entire internet in the palm of our hand, we can easily research different avenues to take to get ourselves out of that sticky situation. 

For example, there was a time when I had a flight so early in the morning, that none of the public busses or trains were running yet. There were also no Uber’s anywhere to be found, so I had to think of an alternate way to get to the airport at 4am. 

I ended up finding a 24/7 café, in which I connected to their Wi-Fi and found a shuttle company that was having a shuttle to the airport at 3am. At this point, I had Google Maps downloaded, so I could navigate without service. I managed to get to the shuttle company and successfully made it to the airport on-time. 

8. It’s a Great Way to Meet New People

If you are looking to meet potentially lifelong friends, then traveling on your own is a great way to do just that. With the rise in solo travel, comes the rise of hostels. Many solo travelers choose to go the hostel route due to the lower costs and the social setting they provide.

See, hostels are like dorms. You will be in the same room as a couple other people and will share all common areas such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, etc. With that comes a ton of opportunity to make friends because everyone else in the hostel is in the same boat as you.

They are all there to also make friends, so be prepared to go out and get some drinks!

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9. You Can Potentially Save Money

As I mentioned before, with no one else on the trip with you, you will feel less pressured to go out as much, or to eat out as much, or to even do activities that cost money that you weren’t otherwise interested in.

Being alone makes you 100% in control of your budget, so you decide where you want to eat and how often. The same goes for drinks and excursions.

10. You Get Great Life Experience

Overall, traveling alone is just amazing life experience. This one reason is wraps all the others into a nice present with a bow. 

Your eyes will be opened to a myriad of different cultures that really change your perspective on how the world works, which is invaluable to you and your life moving forward, no matter what other challenges you take on!

Why Travel Alone

In Conclusion

Traveling alone is a great opportunity for you to grow as a person and give your overall life a huge boost. Going on trips in general teaches you a ton, but going at it alone gives you a whole different set of experience that really elevates your life!

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